Jan 3, 2015

Short recent updates ;)

Idk when was the last time I blog, but HEY I'M BACKKKK! :D

2014 was a bad bad bad year for me since I encountered a lot of negative things that brought me to the deep bottom of sadness. However I only remember few of them since I have a really bad memory. It means that those stay in my mind, really hurts. 

Let's talk about the most recent, also the one that hurts the most. Broke up. Yeah..
I don't really share to others since don't open up easily, plus at that time my physical and mental was really break down, my mind never has a moment of peace.. But worst come to worst, mental break down leads to health problem. Most of the time I throw out the food consumed, although light food feels better but the puke feeling was always there. So I brought plastic bag and medicine to everywhere I go to in case want to puke in public hahah. Definitely not pregnant lol. There were some other incident but lazy to mention la. Doctor said: "It's all caused by stress." Gave me some med to recover but as usual I didn't finish 'em cause I hate taking med!

It took 4-5 months to recovered from the pain of break up and accepted the facts. Does it consider fast? Idk. But the accompany and comfort from friend and family helped a lot, thank you. :') I boost up my confidence, appetite slowly come back, stop shiver while crying, life and study also back to track.

What are we right now? Nah I don't know how to answer this, perhaps wait for the next post I'll write about it? ;)

There's some other thing I'd like to share with you reader. As I love to read article and watch video, one day I came to discover two articles that I think are really helpful for relationship. Unlike from those trash article that waste your time, this 10 Marriage Tips Every WIFE Needs to Hear was written by a divorced man bout some relationship advises. It wasn't restrict to only women reader, men could read it and share with your partner and tell her your thought, in a respect and cheerful way. :)

To whom that often received complain 'you don't love me' or everything you do seems not working to cherish him/her, this might helps you. 5 Love Languages is actually a book but they provided an  interesting video (2:53 minutes) tells you 5 types of love languages that can classified your partner into it, then it will be easier for you to make him/her happy from the way he/she likes. Don't love and give blindly, do it according the way your partner desired only he/she will appreciates.   

Hope 'em help! :)

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